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Power Adapter for Fujitsu 16V 3.36A, 6.0*4.4 black with pin inside


Compatible P/N:

FMV-AC304, FMV-AC304A, FMV-AC304B, FMV-AC304S, FMV-AC304W, FMV-AC313S, FMV-AC308, FMV-AC305, FMV-AC305A, FMV-AC302, FMV-AC301, CA01007-0760

  • Code: RJ-AC89
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Manufacturer: Fujitsu
  • Weight: 0.200 Kgs
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Price: $20.00
Product Parameters
Model: RJ-AC89
power: 53.76W
voltage: 16V
amperage: 3.36A
connector external diameter: 6.0mm (black with pin inside)
connector internal diameter: 4.4mm
Input: 100-240V 1.2A 50-60Hz
Avaivable: Yes

Compatible models:

Fujisu Stylistic Series: Stylistic LT P-600, Stylistic LT C-500, Stylistic LT, Stylistic 500, Stylistic 3500, Stylistic 3400, Stylistic 2300, Stylistic 1200, Stylistic 1000

Fujisu Lifebook S Series: Lifebook S-5582

Fujisu Lifebook P Series: Lifebook Point 510, Lifebook Point 1600, Lifebook PenCentra 200, Lifebook PenCentra 130

Fujisu Lifebook I Series: Lifebook I-4190, Lifebook I-4187

Fujisu Lifebook E Series: Lifebook E-6595, Lifebook E-6575, Lifebook E-6571, Lifebook E-6570, Lifebook E-6557, Lifebook E-6556, Lifebook E-6555, Lifebook E-6550, Lifebook E-6541, Lifebook E-6540, Lifebook E-6530, Lifebook E-6520, Lifebook E-5520, Lifebook E-5320, Lifebook E-5140

Fujisu Lifebook C Series: Lifebook C-6577, Lifebook C-6557, Lifebook C-6556, Lifebook C-6547, Lifebook C-6537, Lifebook C-6535, Lifebook C-6525, Lifebook C-6330, Lifebook C-6320, Lifebook C-6177, Lifebook C-5235, Lifebook C-5130, Lifebook C-4235, Lifebook C-4120

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