Upgrade Your Laptop or MacBook with ELPIDA DDR3 Memory – Available Now in Sunyani and Bono Region!

Are you tired of your laptop or MacBook running slow? Are you experiencing delays and crashes when running multiple applications? It’s time to upgrade your system with the ELPIDA DDR3 memory, available now at GTS Market in Sunyani and Bono Region.

Our ELPIDA DDR3 memory modules come in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB sizes, and are specifically designed for laptops and MacBooks. With a speed of 1333MHz, you’ll experience a significant boost in performance and multitasking capabilities. This memory upgrade is perfect for gamers, designers, video editors, and anyone who needs to run multiple applications simultaneously.

At GTS Market, we only stock high-quality ELPIDA DDR3 memory modules that are compatible with a wide range of laptop and MacBook models. Our experienced technicians are on hand to help you choose the right memory module for your system and offer installation services for a hassle-free upgrade.

Don’t settle for a slow and inefficient laptop or MacBook – upgrade with ELPIDA DDR3 memory from GTS Market today. Visit us at our store in Sunyani and Bono Region or shop online for easy and convenient delivery to your doorstep.


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